Where We Came From

D. C. Lee, David Lee’s grandfather, who was a golf fanatic in his own right, hooked little David on the game at the tender age of four. As a child, David was fascinated with how things worked and took everything apart to see what made it function. He disassembled the shotguns, the fishing reels, the radio, and even his father’s wristwatch, which he couldn’t put back together. It remained hidden in one of David’s drawers for years before he confessed. At the age of twelve, David began helping his father, Pathologist/County Coroner, Bob Lee, do autopsies. “That was how my introduction to medicine started, and why I became a golf pro instead of a doctor,” says Lee. As a teenager, David won the Arkansas State High School golf championship and captained the University of Arkansas golf team for two years before turning professional. When he joined the PGA Tour in 1970, he quickly realized the existence of better technique than he had learned as a child. However, none of the high level pros could explain to him how their swings worked, even though they had developed superior mechanics. “Taking the golf swing apart on my own and understanding how it should ideally function, was the most difficult thing I had ever tackled,” says David.

After leaving the tour at the end of 1977 due to a wrist injury, David began doing swing research and teaching full time. In his books and DVDs, you will discover many revolutionary things that you will not find in other golf instruction materials. Today, he and his son Daniel, who is a very fine player and a superb teacher in his own right, conduct “Gravity” Golf schools in Orlando, Florida, and at various locations around the country.

Where We Are Going

Creating a paradigm shift in the way the world learns the game of golf is a daunting task. As desperately as the world needs a faster, easier way to learn this great sport, golf is “stuck in a rut” of being taught essentially the same way it has been for centuries. Why is that? We believe it’s because the ideal technique that will perfectly motor a swing, has until now, never been identified. The world has been in an argument for over five-hundred years about who has the best technique. There has never been a baseline established for how a technically perfect swing is supposed to function. The swing-path in a golf swing is a very, very fragile thing that can be thrown off its track by the slightest misfiring of any one of a huge number of muscles. However, the brain is such an awesome compensator, it can hide those flaws to a large degree and make their detection almost impossible to identify. In fact, many great players have enjoyed tremendous success with technically flawed golf swings.

For more than half a millennium in the game of golf, we have been unable to differentiate between the art and the science. The objective of David and Daniel Lee’s research has been to change that sad situation. We now know how a physiologically ideal swing is supposed to work, and more importantly, how to force feed it into anyone. Through our various programs and instructional materials, it is our intent to share that information with the world. If you study our science, you’ll soon realize that the answers you’ve been searching for in your game really do exist – and when you implement those discoveries in your swing, your golf life will forever be changed for the better.