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Gravity Golf's Free Golf Lesson Video Library

The following videos and articles explain a multitude of things concerning the golf swing that have long been misunderstood or clouded by mystery for many players. The science behind the “Gravity” golf teaching system is rock solid, and is presented here and in our other materials for scrutiny by anyone who wishes to study it. This information in these free golf lessons will give you insight into some of the fundamentals of learning a Gravity swing, along with training techniques that “Gravity” players can use to develop their beautiful, free-flowing golf swings. We believe that you should have to tools to ideally become your own golf instructor as some point. Using these unique drills and creating the right kind of environments, you have the opportunity to create a natural evolution in the way you feel your way through your golf swing and the way you approach the game. Enjoy!

Basic Principles


Fundamental Drills

Cross Footed Drills

Right Arm Drills

Left Arm Drills

Putting On The Arc

Advanced Concepts

Specialty Shots

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