Left Hand Up Route Drill - Gravity Golf
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“If you’re using muscle incorrectly in the downswing, this is a great drill for quieting the left arm and feeling how gravity can be utilized for properly starting the delivery of the club to the ball.” – David Lee

Before you attempt left handers from a normal backswing with a weight shift, you should be able to hit a left hander from an up-route mode. This is actually easier than hitting from a normal backswing. Turn the club up vertically with the hand opposite your sternum or breastbone. Push the arm and club up until your hand is about even with the top of your head, turn back, drop the arm and allow

the core rotation to sling the arm and the club through impact. This is another drill where you should be able to hit a soft but perfectly solid draw if the arm is in a state of pure dead-fall in the delivery. If you pull with the left arm in the downswing, you’ll likely miss-hit the ball every time you swing the club in this mode. Simply turn back, drop the arm and club, and feel the rotation of your body-mass compress the golf ball – what a great and effortless feeling!

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