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Golf Schools La Quinta, California

3 Day Gravity Golf School ( March 24-26, 2017)

8 Hours of Instruction Each Day for Three Full Days in La Quinta, California

There are many reasons why the “30 minute, once a week golf lesson” cannot come close to helping your golf swing like a 3 Day Gravity Golf school.  First, the simple fact of having the ability to work with your instructor over a longer period of time is essential to seeing golf swing improvements that stick.  Golf is a complex sport and takes a lot of learning if you wish to play the game at a high level.  Also, many of our school clients come from all corners of the globe and would find it impossible to commute for periodic lessons.

If you took a poll from golfers and asked what is the most disappointing thing pertaining to golf instruction… the #1 answer would be “my improvements didn’t continue when I went home and tried it without my instructor – after a week by myself, I was lost.”  With the process that Gravity Golf uses, you will see rapid improvement, and through repetition, those improvements will stick because our teaching techniques help you to learn by “feel.”   You’ll know the swing as a dynamic whole mechanism, not as a bunch of pieces and positions.  The significant one-on-one time with your instructor allows us to get deep into your golf swing so that you develop an understanding of what causes your bad shots and know how to correct them at the root source of an issue.

One thing that is absolutely essential to improving your golf game is having the ability to successfully leave the practice tee and carry your improvements to the golf course.  This is why we have our instructors take you out for nine holes of oncourse instruction each afternoon.  PGA/LPGA tour players do this with their coaches and you should do it as well.  A full nine holes of on-course instruction will give us good insight into how your swing is holding up, plus an understanding of what needs to be worked on the next day.  We’re not just helping your driving range swing, we’re helping improve your golf course swing!

Your Class Limited to 4 Golfers

Personalization is the key to successful golf instruction.  This is not just any golf swing you’re trying to improve … this is your golf swing … so personalization is critical.  At Gravity Golf, we limit each school to only four golfers, which allows us significant one-on-one time with each student and the opportunity to personalize our instruction to each individual.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest misconceptions golfers have is that private one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn.  Sometimes it can be the worst experience for you because on many occasions the instructor can be guilty of “over teaching.”  Having as many as three other players in the school will allow you to witness the fact that swing issues are not unique to you, but that they occur in everyone.  During our schools you will develop an eye for spotting energy “leaks” in other people that will help you considerably with the understanding of your own swing.  At “Gravity” Golf we have a system in place that assures that you will have more personal time with your instructor than you expect … but not more than you need.

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Pricing & Policies

The cost of a 3-Day “Gravity” Golf School is $2200. To book and secure a spot in a 3-Day “Gravity” Golf school, requires a $750 deposit, payable by check or credit card. All deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of the school. The balance of the tuition will be due on the first day of the school.

*Group Pricing

  • 2nd student – $1800
  • 3rd student – $1500
  • 4th student – $1200

A Personal Plan for Continuous Improvement

Every golfer needs a plan in order to see improvement with their swing and overall golf game. Improvement doesn’t happen just because you learned a few new things during a golf lesson and then went to the driving range to hit golf balls using those new techniques.  True progress is made once you have a plan to implement those improvements, as well as an understanding of exactly how to practice so that high quality technique becomes ingrained in your motor program.  Most golfers fail to see improvements become permanent after taking a conventional golf lesson.  Why?  Because there was no plan on how to implement those improvements besides just “hitting a lot of golf balls at the driving range.”  We will show you exactly how to practice, both on the range and on the course, so that your improvement will be steady and continuous.

The Continuing Education Program

Do PGA or LPGA players spend three days working with their coach, then go home and think that they’ll never need help again?  Of course not! At Gravity” Golf, we believe you should have the same opportunities.  Think of it this way; tour players are superior golfers and can probably figure out issues in their golf swings easier than you can.  However, they still need help from their instructors and help building their strategies to stay on track.  Doesn’t logic say you need the same?  Yes, the “Continuing Education” program is available to complement your three-day “Gravity” Golf school.

One of the most important things in the development of any player, is not only that they establish their fundamental principles of movement, but that they set goals which reflect the time they wish to put into their game. The primary element in achieving these goals is to tailor a plan specifically focusing on each individual’s ability. At “Gravity” Golf, we care about the improvement in our students and take pride in the seeing them succeed.

After working with your instructor, you can remain in contact through email, video and phone calls to ensure that the progress continues when your teacher is not physically with you. Technology and our unique training methods, have allowed us to create a progress management system that enables us to keep in constant contact with your strengths and weaknesses while adjusting accordingly.

Creating change takes personal commitment, and your results will be a reflection of the amount of practice time, your physical abilities, goals, resources and time constraints. Having a holistic/creative approach, has allowed us to develop a curriculum that will make improvement a part of your everyday life and you’ll gain great benefit through at home training time as well as on the turf. Keep in mind that challenge lies ahead, but with challenge, comes opportunity.

Our Goal is to Make You Happy!!!

At “GravityGolf we know that when “you” succeed in golf – you’ll be happy – and we’ll be happy.  Obviously, it’s in our best interest that you learn to hit the golf ball better than ever.  We want you striking the golf ball so well that not only are you thrilled and impressed with yourself, your friends can see the improvement and are impressed as well.  Consequently, we’re going to do everything we can to make this happen for you.

In the past thirty-eight years, many golfers have attended the “GravityGolf schools and thousands more have purchased our books and videos.  They come to our schools because they believe that the science of our techniques is cutting edge and they have seen the improvements in their own golf swings, as well as in the swings of their friends and colleagues.

Communication is Important to the Continued Development of Your Golf Game

Unlimited telephone lessons: basically, this means that help from “GravityGolf is only a phone call away!  When you feel like you’re having an issue with your swing or any other part of your game, all you have to do is schedule a telephone lesson with one of our instructors.  Many, many times we have listened to a student on the phone and given a suggestion or a different drill that solved a problem they were unable to fix on their own.  Maybe you need help remembering your plan and the different drills you should be practicing.  Perhaps you’re considering making an equipment change or have a question about what clubs might be the best suited for your swing.  Whatever your instructional needs may be, know that we are there to help you. This aspect of the program is important because it says that “GravityGolf is more than just a one-time academy – it lets you know that we will always be there to offer continued support.

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Jack Nicklaus Talking About His Experience With Gravity Golf


“From what I have seen, I believe the teaching method you have developed could be applied with great benefit to all level of golfers, and I am happy to give my personal endorsement and full support,”


Jack Nicklaus

Lee Trevino Talking About His Experience With Gravity Golf

“David Lee would be the only guy I trust… the only reason I played well (at the PGA) is because of him.”

Lee Trevino

Chi Chi Rodriguez Talking About Gravity Golf

“David Lee might be the greatest teacher that ever lived.”


Chi Chi Rodriguez

“Lee’s theory of Gravity Golf… is the method Nicklaus – knowingly or not – has employed throughout his career.”


Brian Peterson

Ceritified Neuroscientist Explains Golf Science

“Without going into detail, the technique which he is currently using enables a person to develop totally efficient swing mechanics (which produces the most repetitive and consistent results) by training all of the moving parts simultaneously.”


Greg Mihailoff

Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Southwestern Medical School

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