Are you searching for golf schools in Orlando, FL? Look no further than Gravity Golf. Players from all over the nation and world come to us to learn something different.

The Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge in Orlando is an award-winning venue and has been utilized by the PGA Tour for years. It offers the country’s largest driving range, and we’re also proud to call it our home. We provide on-course golf lessons, practice tee time, and short game, training your swing to its highest potential. We believe in the idea of using body mass instead of muscle to maximize control and efficiency. From demonstrating the fundamentals to competition preparation, we effectively cover a lot of ground in three days. The venue is quiet and secluded with numerous pines, lakes, and wetlands, making this area the perfect place to concentrate on the sport.

Our experienced instructors dedicate time to each of their four students, ensuring maximum improvement and success. There will always be an instructor who can assist you!

Register today to be a part of our beneficial three-day golf schools in Orlando, FL. Technically and physiologically improve your swing now, so you can play like you believe you can. Additionally, we host power and driving workshops. These experiences also give you ample time with your instructor, and we include a delicious lunch during your time with us.

No matter the on-course golf lesson experiences you choose with Gravity Golf, we’d love for you to stay in touch. Tell us about how practice is going; our instructors are always ready to help.

If you can’t make it to our golf school, we encourage you to take our insightful online courses. In just a short amount of time, you can learn everything from basic principles and advanced concepts to putting and specialty shots. Sign up to utilize our free courses today!