Gravity Golf changes the way people think about, and consequently play, golf. With decades of golfing experience, our instructors teach you the “Gravity” method, which drastically perfects your swing. Instead of using muscle, our technique helps you to use your body mass for a controlled, effective swing. In fact, all PGA professionals utilize this method in varying degrees, and we’re excited to teach it to you during our schools and workshops.

We host our three-day golf schools at the stunning Centennial Golf Club in Carmel, NY, which is about an hour from Manhattan. We offer personalized, on-course golf instruction, progressive routines for the practice tee, and specially designed short game drills that are all designed to improve your golf swing and knowledge. Gravity Golf consistently keeps a four to one student-to-teacher ratio, so you can always receive help from one of our talented instructors.

Register now for three days of on-course golf instruction with Gravity Golf to experience golf like never before. Even after you enjoy your time on the green, you can always follow up with our instructors. Our staff loves hearing how practice is going, and we can help if needed. We look forward to helping you grow as a player.

In addition to our golf schools in Carmel, NY, we provide power and driving workshops. Our instructors merge techniques past and present, covering the fundamentals and beyond, so you can improve how you direct the ball.  We believe moving the ball with mass, rather than muscle, makes a huge difference in the way you play golf.

If you’re still looking for additional golf resources, we recommend utilizing our free online courses. To make your learning experience more fruitful, these quick lessons are divided into easy-to-understand lectures. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, our online courses offer something for everyone. Sign up today.