The following videos and articles explain a multitude of things concerning the golf swing that have long been misunderstood or clouded by mystery for many players. The science behind the “Gravity” golf teaching system is rock solid, and is presented here and in our other materials for scrutiny by anyone who wishes to study it. This information will give you insight into some of the principles of our concepts, along with a few of the training techniques that “Gravity” players can use to develop their beautiful, free-flowing golf swings.

  • The way every beginner should learn the golf swing
  • Cardio drills will take the violence out of your swing and greatly increase your distance
  • Up-route drills get the arms and shoulders out of your downswing
  • Fundamental Drills that teach a laundry list of very important things
  • A drill for training the proper power application in the full swing
  • Make your pitches land like the proverbial butterfly
  • A drill teaching a quiet right arm and how to control the swing from the core
  • Train the right arm not to participate in the power scheme
  • A quiet right arm while training the counter-fall as well
  • A drill that teaches balance, alignment, softness of the lead arm and much more
  • Magnifies the impropriety of pulling with the left arm
  • Left hand only drills teaching the arm to be a rider, not a puller
  • Lessons: 12
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Language: English
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