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Give Up the Insanity – Part 1 – Golf Schools Florida

Almost across the board, everyone learns golf with a technically incorrect of how to apply power in the swing and then they spend the rest of their lives trying to fix it. Since we are holding the golf club in our hands, the initial instinct in almost everyone is to hunt the ball with the shoulders, arms, and hands in the downswing, in an attempt to “hit” the ball. Unfortunately, very few people ever grow out of that approach, and almost all golfers carry some level of arm flex to the grave with them. They are unaware that this approach sends some degree of energy back into the body during the delivery, causing a plane change (that must be compensated for to hit the ball on-line) and often a reduction in club speed. They never know that the golf ball can be moved with less than half the effort they’ve always used, and that it truly takes no more energy than what you see in Freddie Couples. It really is that easy and the Gravity Golf Schools in Florida are here to help you!

The other thing that few people are aware of, is that there’s an exact recipe for what Freddie does that must be followed to the letter in order to achieve his results. A great many lives, including my own and that of my son, have been dedicated to the understanding of that recipe, and more importantly, communicating it to other people. For some inexplicable reason, Freddie feels the recipe, yet his inability to explain it to anyone is a renowned mystery. Even Jack Nicklaus could not fully transmit what he felt in his body, to his own boys. Anyone who plays golf and never feels what Freddie and a handful of other people sense in the swing – have sadly missed the true essence of the game! Freddie doesn’t hit the ball, he slings it!

To cut Freddie and Jack (and many others) a little slack, the golf swing in its ideal form is incredibly subtle. In fact, the technically better that the swing becomes, the greater are the subtleties of the movements. To say it another way; the more harmony there is between the body parts as they move, the harder it becomes to sense what parts are controlling the action. To verbally describe what all of Luke Donald’s body parts are doing when he hits a perfect iron shot would be an impossible undertaking. Truly, it’s as smooth as anything you could imagine doing athletically, but what is driving the action? That’s the real question!

A technically perfect swing combines muscular action with help from gravity to make it function at the highest possible level of efficiency. This is why we call our teaching system the Gravity swing taught at golf schools in Florida. If I had chosen a more accurate name to describe the modern day technique, although a little wordy, it would be “A Gravity-Aided, Rotary Sling.” The more that any golfer takes advantage of gravity to help power the swing, the less internal effort it takes to execute.

When a golfer is swinging in a normal fashion, the body is in the easiest mode possible to compensate improper technique. If that last sentence didn’t fully register in your mind, it wouldn’t do any harm to read it again – maybe ten times or more! Understanding its consequences is incredibly important to the ultimate development of your golf game. Why is that? The reason is because, as you’ve heard many times – it’s not practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice. In doing research on the Gravity swing for more than forty years, it has become apparent to me, that communicating technically perfect mechanics to students to someone working in a conventional mode, is one of the most difficult things in the world to accomplish. This is what I have been telling the students in my golf schools Florida many years. That is exactly why we teach using specialized training drills. The drills we’ve developed work like an X-ray or an MRI on the swing and magnify any physics or physiological improprieties in the power application. They allow you to feel if energy is being turned back into the body during the swing, and also “telegraph” how the power should properly be applied.

To be continued…

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David Lee the founder of the Gravity Golf School wearing a wine red shirt
Written by: David Lee, founder of Gravity Golf

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