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Any drive from the leg work in the golf swing should be used to turn the body, not move it laterally.

Not to criticize anyone that has ever done so, but two of the worst things that have ever been taught in the golf swing are “pull with the left arm,” and “drive with the right leg” (referencing right handed players). The start of the downswing is the point in the swing where most people get confused concerning the role of the right leg.

The delivery of the club to the ball should be a rotary move like a discus or hammer throw, where the turn carries the body’s weight through the shot. The leg work in the golf swing is not a lateral move where the right leg is driving the body sideways toward the target. If the right leg drives the body laterally during the downswing, the alignment is in a continual state of change as the club comes to the ball, and the swing arc begins to collapse to some degree. This can cause snap hooks or blocked shots. Any help from the right leg during the delivery should be used to turn the body so that centrifugal force is properly applied to the arms and club, holding them in a perfect circular path that will release the ball on a line that is tangent to the arc. Remember, any lateral movement used in the swing to create momentum for increased core speed, is done in the backswing – delivery is rotational.

Spend a little time studying the “Gravity” Golf transfer drills and learn to use your right leg properly in your swing – you’ll be glad you did!

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