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“In a golf swing, it is never necessary to hit down on the golf ball.” – David Lee

Once again, something in the golf swing that we appear to do, and are taught to do, is not what we should be doing – hitting down on the ball. We’ve heard it a million times. The human body is so weak rotationally, that when we try to hit down on the golf ball with our shoulders and arms, the leverage that we internalize from doing so, immediately diminishes our core speed and changes the swing-plane.

This requires us to compensate in order to hit the ball flush. We don’t have to hit down on the golf ball. If the starting move of the backswing heaves the tension from the arms, they will deadfall at the change of direction and automatically go down without trying. After they have fallen a couple of inches during the counterfall, the turn of the body will pick them up and sling them through impact on a perfect plane. Not only do normal shots become effortless, shots from the rough and sand require only a small fraction of the energy that most players use.

Try the “Gravity” golf Cross-Footed and One Arm Drills and learn to swing as easily as Freddie Couples. And remember – you should never hit down on a golf ball!

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