Cross Footed Pitch Drill - Gravity Golf
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“This drill is designed to threaten your balance if you add muscle to the downswing and to eliminate weight shift (unnecessary) in short shots.” – David Lee

Doing this drill awakens the same part of your brain that taught you to walk, and adapts its capabilities to training all your swing movements simultaneously. It will also teach you to hit the softest short shots imaginable and the best short game your are capable of developing.

This particular drill is one of the best “Gravity” golf exercises in that it teaches the student so many aspects of the normal swing including:

  • The proper origin of the backswing (which muscles participate)
  • The intensity and duration of the initial movement (the heave) that starts the swing
  • How to be soft in the transition from backswing to downswing
  • How to correctly make the all important counter–fall
  • How to fully release tension in the delivery

This is also a fundamental drill for teaching the best short game because it prevents the player from shifting weight to the rear foot in the back-swing. In swings where maximum power is desired, it is necessary to shift the weight from foot-to-foot like a baseball pitcher in order to achieve full momentum going into the counter-fall. In short golf shots, it is not. On any shots inside of eighty yards it is rarely necessary to make a weight shift. A fundamental short shot, as you can see in this drill, is simply a turn back, a counter-fall, and a turn through.

When you study this drill in the video, notice the precise balance of the body and the smoothness of the transition from the backswing to the downswing. Also, pay particular attention to the fact that the left foot comes out from behind the right foot after impact to catch your weight as you follow through. If the left foot doesn’t have to come out on the follow-through, it is evidence that the counter-fall was not deep enough and the delivery not started properly.

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