1 Plane Vs 2 For A Powerful Golf Swing That Will Eliminate Golfer's Elbow
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A technically ideal swing will be in two planes, not one. – David Lee

For sometime now there has been a lot of discussion and argument as to whether or not the golf swing should be made on one plane or two planes. In the technically correct move of Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Freddie Couples, the swing operates in two planes. This will also help you eliminate golfer’s elbow when leverage is not going back in on the body.

As long as the plane of the backswing is in front of or above the plane of the downswing the shoulders can simply keep turning. The backswing cannot be on the same plane or under the plane of the downswing and have gravity start the downswing. To be on the same plane back and through, some level of muscle has to be used in the delivery. Trying to force the golf swing to be on the same plane in both directions, sends some degree of energy back into the body and may cause issues with ball contact consistency, as well as do damage to your body. This is how the muscles can become strained creating maladies such as golfer’s elbow, slipped disk and so many other physical issues.

Do the Gravity Golf one arm and cross-footed drills to learn the proper way to make a perfect two plane swing.

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